Ireland Calls

A Community Forum for anyone interested in Ireland and the Irish

This is a free service for anyone with an interest in Ireland and all things Irish - Irish Genealogy, Irish Literature, music etc.


You can take a look through the screen shots below to see if Ireland Calls is what you are looking for or head straight to the registration page. If you are already a member just Login.

An Overview of Ireland Calls

Home Space

Ireland Calls is social networking site and can be used to make contact with other people round the world who have an interest in Ireland, Irish Culture, Irish Music, their Irish Roots etc.

On registering you become a regular member and will have access to your own "Home Space" in which you can allow friends to visit. Within this space you can create photo albums, write a journal and allow the friends you will meet in Ireland Calls to visit. You'll also have access to a forum to put or answer questions on your hobby, family history etc.

Ireland Calls

Photo Album

Here you will be able to create an album and upload photos. You can make the album private just for friends to view or make it available for all the members of Ireland Calls.

Ireland Calls

Journal (or Blog)

Like the album this can be your own private diary, you can make it available for friends only or all members of Ireland Calls - it will be your choice.

Ireland Calls


This is where you can leave messages on whatever interests you. It is the place you will find people with similar interests to your own and perhaps if you get to know them well enough you might then invite them to "be a friend". As a friend you can then read one another's journal, view albums etc. Of course if you don't get along so well you will be able to change your mind and no longer have them as a friend!

As a member of Ireland Calls you will also be able to contact the administrators and suggest a new group. If this is acceptable you will then administer that group yourself (as long as you don't let the power go to your head )

Ireland Calls

A Typical Group

When you see a group you like you will be able to join. Some groups will be automatically available to everyone but for some you will need to ask to join and may even need to be a member for a while before you are allowed in. This is to keep a handle on group activity.

Ireland Calls


If you like what you see visit the the registration page to sign up.